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Recycled Raw Materials Find a New Use on Roadways

Posted on: September 1st, 2020

Recycled Raw Materials Find a New Use on Roadways

In a post we shared in early July, we discussed how the national recycling rate hasn’t shown much improvement since we began tracking it around the year 2010, ushering in a dire need for more viable uses for recycled raw materials.

Sustainable landscaping company TechniSoil is doing just that.

Using more than 150,000 single-use plastic bottles, they partnered with CalTrans (California Department of Transportation) to repave a one-mile stretch of three-lane road.

According to state officials, the eco-friendly, recycled raw materials road formula has been shown to be two to three times more durable than traditional asphalt pavement.

But durability isn’t the only benefit of using this recycled raw material. TechniSoil officials say it generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Caltrans District 3 Director Amarjeet S. Benipal says, “We’re excited about introducing a new sustainable technology and helping pave the way for utilization of recycled plastics throughout the state. This process is better for the environment because it keeps plastic bottles out of landfills and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.”

Typically, roadway asphalt is ground up and mixed with bitumen – a sludge-like binding agent produced by oil refineries which is anything but environmentally friendly.

By replacing the bitumen with recycled raw materials – in this case melted plastic bottles – there’s no need for asphalt as the roadway is constructed completely of 100% recycled plastic liquid polymer.

While Caltrans is certainly doing their part to help offset the disappointingly low national recycling rate, there are choices you can make to have an impact as well.

Smart choices, like discovering the benefits of molded fiber sustainable products. They’re biodegradable, won’t harm the environment if left in the soil to decompose, cost-effective and available in a wide variety of configurations and applications to fit your business needs.

From protective packaging to growing containers, HC Sustainable can help your organization achieve their sustainability goals.

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