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Why Fiber?

Consumers Drive Sustainability

Consumers understand their environmental impact

Consumer demand often drives the overall strategies and offerings an organization makes available in the market. Gone are the days when consumers were unaware of their own carbon footprint. Today, they are more educated and sophisticated – driving companies to rethink the composition of their packaging solutions.

Consumers are growing more aware of how their purchasing habits can positively or negatively impact the environment. A recent Futerra survey, whose mission is “making sustainable development so desirable it becomes normal,” revealed that 88% of U.S. and U.K. consumers believe brands should be making it easier to adopt environmentally friendly practices in their daily lives.

That can be challenging when influential retailers generated an estimated 465 million pounds of plastic packaging in 2019 alone. HC’s fiber protective packaging solutions are designed to help combat the production and reliance on plastic waste while cementing your brand as thought leaders in the fight to bring sustainability mainstream.

Governmental legislations
While some businesses continue to ignore consumer demand for more sustainable packaging options, there may soon be an encouraging incentive to rethink their business plans. Both Maine and Oregon have signed Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation into law for plastic and packaging materials. The growing momentum for such legislation essentially requires businesses to pay a portion of the cost to recycle the materials they knowingly place in the market. As a result, companies still relying on resin rather than alternatives like molded pulp could see their profits erode, along with consumer confidence and loyalty towards your brand.



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The Benefits of Molded Pulp Products

The Durability of Molded Pulp

Available with thick-wall construction, our molded pulp protective packaging solutions provide superior cushioning properties, with a unique ribbed design that dampens vibrations and absorbs impacts just like other non-sustainable packing solutions. In addition, they easily stack together and denest and are static-free, which prevents outside debris from becoming a part of your final packaged product.

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The Sustainability of Molded Pulp

HC's molded pulp solutions are manufactured using recycled paper and raw paper, as well as other cardboard materials. Because of this, their material composition can be quickly and harmlessly recycled again through municipal and other recycling programs. What if the product does find its way into landfills? The molded pulp will break down over time without releasing any microplastics or other harmful chemicals (such as expanded polystyrene - EPS) into the environment.

Production Process

The Cost of Molded Pulp

One of the most significant advantages of using molded pulp solutions such as HC's protective packaging is that paper/cardboard prices are drastically less volatile than resin prices in the market. Because of the more stable pricing structure, molded pulp solutions can be cheaper for businesses than resin in the long run.

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