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Fiber Growing Trials

How fiber containers performed with growers

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Fiber Process Video

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EcoGrow® Growing Containers

Results in real-world applications (LONG FORM)

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Understanding Single-Use Plastic Bans

And what it could mean for North America

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EcoGrow vs. Organic EcoGrow

Understanding this slurry's composition

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Fiber Slurries

How they're made and formed into products

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Sustainable Fiber Solutions

How Fiber Molded Pulp is the Answer

The word sustainable seems to be popping up everywhere today. In fact, in a recent study, 88% of respondents demanded companies provide more sustainable product offerings. But what does it really mean for a product to be sustainable? In short, a product is “sustainable” when it “satisfies the needs of the present without adversely affecting the future”.

A few popular examples include, “reusable grocery bags and coffee filters”; “rechargeable batteries”; “stainless steel water bottles”; “compostable cutlery”; and even “LED lightbulbs”.

You’re probably wondering why fiber products are such a great alternative. We’re glad you asked.

  • Number one – there’s no recycling required. It will harmlessly break down in the soil in less than a year.
  • Number two – it can save you time and money on transplanting for the entire container can be planted into another pot or the ground to decompose naturally.
  • Number three – it’s great for the environment. No more clogging up landfills or harming wildlife in the ocean.
  • And number four – it’s truly sustainable. Created in a closed-loop water recycling facility to eliminate waste and save on energy emissions.

We’ve scientifically created a fiber slurry that is biodegradable; durable; available in many sizes and configurations, and in some cases, Certified for Organic Farming.

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Discover our Sustainable Fiber Solutions

Growing Containers, Protective Packaging, Consumer Products

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