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Fiber Slurry

What materials are used to make your fiber slurry?

Recycled paper products (like uncirculated newspapers) and water form the basis of the slurry mixture, which is mixed together with a “pulp beater” in giant tanks before adding a binding agent for rigidity and fungicide to prevent any mold from forming should they get wet in storage or transportation.

How is the fiber slurry transformed into products?

Molds are created to help re-form the slurry mixture back into a solid state to suit the parameters of your unique project. Large ovens help remove any and all moisture from the form for incredible durability and strength regardless of application. Read more here.

Can your fiber slurry be used to produce food service containers?

Not at this time. The components of our fiber slurry, and the final fiber products themselves, have not gone through the certification process set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under their food safety guidelines.

Where are your fiber molded pulp products produced?

All of our sustainable fiber solutions are manufactured exclusively at our facility in Burlington, Canada. Our long-standing partner relationships with trusted freight companies means we can ship your orders anywhere in North America quickly and economically to meet your demands.

Are your products recyclable?

Yes. We’ve purposefully blended our material to ensure repulpability along with acceptance by recycling facilities and curbside programs, following the requirements of traditional paper/cardboard recycling. Please check with your local municipality for specific recycling requirements and accepted materials.

How long will it take for your fiber molded pulp products to break down?

The exact duration of time will vary depending on your individual environmental conditions and thickness of each product. Generally, our fiber products will break down in less than two years.

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