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Bringing the plants you grow full circle

With Sustainable Gardeners in Mind

As conversations surrounding climate change become more widespread, sustainable growing containers need to be considered in order to retain more environmentally conscious gardeners. For the grower, this is an opportunity to bring your inventory full circle by utilizing and marketing plants grown in sustainable, molded pulp growing containers and hanging baskets. Growers can plant herbs and vegetables such as mint and basil or peas and tomatoes in an environmentally friendly (and in some cases Certified Organic) container for sale to consumers – which shows your responsibility for the planet.

Our production process

Sustainable grower containers often breathe like clay pots would, but instead of extracting water from the plant based on their composition, they actually help retain water by creating an optimal environment for root system development.

But perhaps best of all, when consumers arrive home ready to plant their new purchases in free-standing gardens, patio containers or deck-rail boxes, the entire sustainable growing container can be planted directly into the ground or a larger pot where it will biodegrade.

Overall, you’ve limited the waste heading to landfills and saved the consumer time, while satisfying their need to feel like a positive contributor to the environment. Your business will also garner some word-of-mouth-marketing for yourself and your sustainability efforts.

Today’s consumers (world-wide) are demanding more sustainable growing solutions. When they place a plant into the ground, they want to know they’re making a difference – no matter how big or small – it all has an impact. Sustainable, molded pulp planting containers are a truly full circle solution for your business, so from grower to gardener to consumer and more, we’re improving our world together.

For more information on HC’s sustainable growing containers, click here.

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Did you know

In a recent Nielsen Company survey, 81% of global consumers said it was extremely important or very important for companies to roll-out initiatives to improve the environment.

Student Growers

“My students enjoyed using your fiber pots for their growing project. The pots held up well and plants grew well in them. The root systems of the plants appeared to be larger and more fibrous than when the same plant was grown in a black plastic pot. Thank you for sharing and providing this opportunity for my students.”

– Dr. Helen T. Kraus, an Associate Professor at the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University

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