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Benefits of fiber protective packaging solutions include:

Many organizations today still rely on expanded polystyrene (EPS) for their protective packaging needs. This is because it’s often perceived as a readily available, easily customizable, and cost-effective protective packaging option for today’s competitive shipping and receiving industry.

But as consumer demands begin gravitating towards more sustainable solutions from the brands they support, organizations are rethinking their carbon footprint – now seeking protective packaging alternatives to traditional EPS.

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How It Starts

Our fiber protective packaging solutions are made from post-consumer and post-industrial paper and corrugate cardboard. The material is first shredded for consistency and texture when mixed together in large tanks with water in our closed-loop recycling system. Once the optimal fiber slurry has been achieved, high-intensity molds are used to aid in reforming the slurry into various shapes, sizes, and applications.

Sustainability 101

Did you know

HC has reduced its carbon footprint by incorporating corrugate material sourced internally from one of our largest manufacturing facilities. Nothing goes to waste!

How It Ends

To extract excess moisture from the slurry, the molded products make the slow journey through giant heat ovens to ensure that any additional moisture remaining from the fabrication process is removed, so the final product is dry and sturdy, ready for packaging. Our production process is fully customizable based on your unique product specifications and overall packaging and shipping requirements.

Why Fiber?

Interested in Sustainable Packaging Solutions?

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