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Not all sustainable fiber solutions are created equal

The Science

There’s a combination of art and science behind making a sustainable fiber container for strength and durability. Not only must its purpose be immediately recognizable, it must also be fully functional for that intended purpose. While they might all look the same on the outside, it’s important to understand how the molded pulp slurry and eventual products are produced. Some “environmentally friendly” molded pulp containers actually expose more harmful toxins into the environment during production than some traditional plastic containers. Others use questionable raw materials which dilutes their sustainability claims.

Why fiber?

It's all about the pulp slurry

Here at The HC Companies, we believe in transparency when it comes to our sustainable molded pulp solutions, which are produced in our 46,000 square foot warehouse in Burlington, Ontario Canada.

How it Begins

We’ve scientifically created fiber slurries to support a variety of applications. It all starts out with recycled paper products like uncirculated newspapers, unless we’re making organic products then we use blank newsprint. The shredded paper gets mixed together with water in large tanks before molds are used to help re-form the slurry into a variety of shapes, sizes and applications.

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The composition and application of our four fiber slurries

*Not suitable for food service products

Final Preparation

The molded products then travel through giant ovens to make sure any additional moisture remaining from the fabrication process is removed and the final product is nice and dry and ready for packaging. Fiber slurries can be used to create all kinds of things like growing containers, hanging baskets, protective packaging, consumer products and more. Plus, our process is fully customizable based on your unique plans and needs.

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In 2019, our Burlington, Ontario manufacturing facility used 2,000,000 pounds of recycled newspaper in the production of various sustainable fiber solutions.

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Growing Containers, Protective Packaging, Consumer Products

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