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Renewable & Innovative Fiber Solutions

A Legacy of Expertise

HC’s sustainable solutions are rooted in our long-standing history of servicing the horticultural industry. With a desire to be more environmentally friendly while further differentiating our product portfolio in this highly competitive segment, HC’s molded pulp growing containers helped pave the way for our eventual entrance into the sustainable packaging market.

With over 50 years of molded fiber expertise, our stock and customized protective packaging solutions:

While not always at the top of spreadsheets and business plans, how your new products arrive safely in customers’ hands could very well be the most important and, often, the most overlooked detail for a successful product launch.

At HC, we’re committed to more environmentally responsible options for your protective packaging needs. We engineer packaging solutions that provide the utmost protection for large and small-scale products while limiting their negative impact on the planet.

For more information on how our molded pulp slurries are produced exclusively at our Canadian facility, click here.

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Why fiber protective packaging?

The material provides superior protection, such as cushioning properties, while also protecting against the elements by absorbing moisture while in transit without compromising the integrity. In addition, HC's third-party certifications help validate an organization's overall sustainable commitments.

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Are your products recyclable?

Yes. We've purposefully blended our material to ensure repulpability and acceptance by recycling facilities and curbside programs, following traditional paper/cardboard recycling requirements. Please check with your local municipality for specific recycling requirements and accepted materials.

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How long before they break down?

The exact duration of time our fiber molded pulp products will take to break down varies depending on your individual environmental conditions and thickness of each product. Generally, our fiber products will break down in less than two years.

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