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Understanding Canada’s Ban On Single-Use Plastics


This whitepaper intends to help educate readers about the proposed restrictions towards single-use plastics in Canada and how that could eventually make its way into the U.S. Though there have been rumblings of the growing demand for bans on single-use plastics throughout the world, Canada’s proposed restrictions offer the first example of nationwide legislation in North America. So, what does that mean for the United States in the future, if anything?

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Whether or not the United States takes nationwide action on this matter, we believe it’s essential to be prepared for what may come, to do our part to help our planet and to make it easy for our customers to do the work they love.

That’s why we’ve developed The HC Companies Sustainable Fiber Solutions offering. Fiber solutions comprised of recycled newspaper, provides a sustainable alternative for any number of problems that single-use plastics currently “solve.” The versatility of fiber solutions is, essentially, unmatched. Paired with the belief that we, as a society, have a better understanding of the scientific properties of paper products and how it can easily be recycled at a reasonable cost, it’s no surprise that sustainable fiber solutions are increasingly popular.

According to Nielsen and Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), 60% of Americans fall into the “Sustainable Mainstream” category, which means they want to be more sustainable, but they’re also searching for added benefits to that decision. The process of recycling paper as opposed to making it from new materials generated 74% less air pollution and uses 50% less water. It takes approximately only 60% of the energy needed to make paper from new materials.

That impact is tangible in more ways than one. When something takes fewer resources to create, it becomes cheaper to produce, and those cost savings can get passed down to the consumer, to the business owner, to the grower.


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