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Sustainability 101

Why It's Important?

We believe that sustainability is essential for setting ourselves and our customers up to grow better and improve our world by being stewards of the earth and its citizens and the products we develop. In addition, designing more environmentally safe products to make them accessible and affordable to more people benefits our economy by normalizing those products and creating demand in the market.

Why Fiber?

Our Legacy

For over 30 years, our 46,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Burlington, Ontario, has been the exclusive producer of our sustainable solutions. We believe in a legacy of value for our business and our industry by keeping things accessible to anyone in the market, whether they have already committed to corporate social responsibility or need help getting started.

It is exciting to recalibrate and adapt existing products into more sustainable solutions while taking incremental steps to do better today than we did yesterday. We are constantly challenging ourselves to make each transition seamless.

Our products include various designs, applications, and customization so that every customer is provided the option to purchase sustainably and responsibly for his or her own unique goals.

Committing to corporate social responsibility can be challenging, but here are a few steps to remember along the journey:

  • Understand your business landscape and what matters to that audience
  • Determine what you’re looking to accomplish and where you want to start
  • Communicate the advantages and differentiators
  • Become a catalyst for change in your industry, not a follower
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Interested in Sustainable Packaging Solutions?

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