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Fiber Roll Cradles Are Beneficial to the Shipper and the Environment

Posted on: June 29th, 2021

fiber roll cradles

Shipping heavy rolls of paper, foil, film, even steel is often challenging for fulfillment and distribution centers. But fiber roll cradles have become a popular shipping solution across many industries and operations today.


Cylindrical products can be awkward to package depending on their size and weight. As a result, many shipping departments have adopted the traditional pyramidal approach in which rolls are alternately stacked on top of a wooden pallet creating that triangular shape.


While this might solve the overall problem of shipping heavy, awkward rolls of product, it creates several new ones.


The pyramidal approach stacks a roll directly on top of another, causing much friction during transport. This often stresses the fragility of the product, which inevitably arrives damaged to the customer – and it rarely only impacts one roll.


Additionally, the pyramidal shape is not secure and requires tie-downs to keep the rolls from falling off the pallet. This adds both time and supply costs to your bottom line.


The beauty of fiber roll cradles is how they are designed to effortlessly nest into one another for greater efficiencies while dampening vibrations and absorbing impacts. 


Pallets can be quickly and safely stacked on top of each other – allowing more product to make it out of your warehouse and onto the truck. Plus, they weigh considerably less than using wooden blocks, which saves on your overall shipping costs.


Fiber roll cradles, like the ones designed and manufactured by The HC Companies, consider the rising demands from consumers that businesses adopt more sustainable practices in their packaging and shipping operations.


A consistent and superior product manufactured from recycled newspaper and cardboard, HC’s fiber roll cradles are custom engineered for the utmost strength and durability, easily denset when staked together to save on warehouse space, and best of all, can be conveniently recycled in municipal collection programs with no adverse effects.


For those manufacturing and shipping large, heavy rolls, fiber roll cradles are the ideal and economical solution for your business. A bonus at the end of the day is knowing that your protective packaging is helping to protect the environment as well. 


For more information on HC’s fiber roll cradles, contact us today.

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