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Protecting Products

While it may not always be at the top of spreadsheets and business plans, how your new product will safely arrive in the hands of customers could very well be the most important, and many times, the most overlooked detail for a successful product launch. At HC, we’re committed to more environmentally responsible options for your packaging and shipping needs. For over 30 years, we have been engineering packaging solutions that provide the utmost protection for both large and small-scale products, while limiting their negative impact on oceans and landfills.

Our production process

Demanding Consumers

In a recent survey of consumers, 88% are now demanding that companies provide more sustainable offerings – and that includes not only in the products you're selling, but the protective packaging it arrives in.

Features & Benefits

  • Traditional technology maintains economical mold costs to satisfy small, customized order runs
  • Decreases your carbon footprint and lowers overall shipping costs
  • Unique ribbed design dampens vibrations and absorbs impacts
  • Material is cleaner and static-free
  • Denests easily and stacks optimally to reduce necessary warehouse space
  • Produced in a closed-loop water recycling facility, thereby eliminating wastewater discharge and lowering energy use
  • Can be easily and conveniently recycled in municipal recycling programs
  • Fiber material helps protect landfills by breaking down quickly and harmlessly
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Fabrication Matters

With more and more purchases being made online for shipment across the world, it’s imperative that your protective packaging exceeds expectations – guaranteeing your product arrives as it was intended.

Protective packaging can be constructed from a variety of different materials (depending on the products you’re shipping). But the most commonly used material is styrofoam, which has been an economical and customizable solution for the shipping needs of manufacturers for decades. Constructed from polystyrene, this versatile plastic resin can be used to create all kinds of products including toys, meat trays, surfboards and yes, product protective packaging.

While it may in fact be an economical solution for big businesses, its chemical makeup prevents it from being biodegradable or recyclable, and when left in landfills, it releases 20 times more methane gas than CO2 (harmful to the ozone).

Joseph A. Davis, a freelance writer/editor in Washington, D.C., has been writing about environmental concerns since 1976. “One common estimate is that styrofoam can take up 30 percent of the space in some landfills. And some estimates put the lifespan of styrofoam in a landfill at around 500 years.”

At The HC Companies, we’re committed to a more environmentally responsible solution for your protective packaging needs. For over 30 years, we’ve designed sustainable fiber solutions for computer manufacturers, framing companies, automotive OEM companies, window and door manufacturers and corrugate distributors to name a few.

At HC, we work with our customers to create customized solutions that are environmentally impactful and economical for your business, so from grower to gardener to consumer and more, we’re improving our world together.


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Looking for Roll Cradles?

For manufacturers who produce long, circular products such as vessels, tubes, pipes, rolls of paper or plastic sheeting and more, tie-downs to a wooden pallet are an unreliable and dangerous way to ship your products to customers. Shifting during transportation is an inevitable reality and forklifts can easily snap tie-downs sending your products (and your profits) rolling away. Roll Cradles are an economical, sustainable solution designed to ensure your products arrive safely and without damage. Additionally, your customers will appreciate your environmental advantage as our fiber, molded pulp cradles can be easily and harmlessly recycled with other paper products. We can easily customize solutions to satisfy the needs of your unique products.

Roll Cradles

Roll Cradle - Stackable

10.00" Diameter/4 Bay
150 per pallet

Roll Cradle

20.00" Diameter
120 per pallet

Roll Cradle

12.00" Diameter/2 Bay/8.00x48.00"
96 per pallet

Roll Cradle - Clamshell

10.00" Diameter/4 Bay
140 per pallet

Guards & Channels

Cabinet Door Protector

200 per case/3,200 per pallet

Cabinet Door Protector

400 per case/6,400 per pallet

Cabinet Door Protector

500 per case/16,000 per pallet

Corner Pads

250 per case/3,000 per pallet

Corner Pads

250 per case/4,000 per pallet

Corner Pads

168 per case/3,360 per pallet

Corner Protector

975 per pallet

Countertop Backsplash

2,156 per pallet

Countertop Front Splash

2,800 per pallet

Edge Protector

30.00" edge/3.00" sides
100 per case/1,200 per pallet

Edge Protector

192 per case/3,072 per pallet

Frame Protector

350 per case/4,900 per pallet

Inertia Chair Leg Protector

300 per case/4,800 per pallet

Truncated Corner Pads

250 per case/4,000 per pallet

Truncated Corner Pads

550 per case/7,700 per pallet

Window Protector

350 per case/5,600 per pallet


265 per pallet


525 per pallet

U-Channel - Corner

480 per pallet

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