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Sustainable Protective Packaging Solutions Are A Marketing Differentiator

Posted on: September 23rd, 2021


There are many good reasons to utilize sustainable protective packaging solutions, such as roll cradles and edge protectors in your shipping and manufacturing operations.

For starters, there’s the obvious advantage. Sustainable protective packaging solutions are kinder to the planet – helping reduce your business’s carbon footprint while emphasizing your brand’s corporate social responsibility. Not to mention limiting the contribution of waste headed to over-crowded landfills.

Another advantage, which is not often realized or readily tangible but incredibly impactful – it’s a powerful marketing asset.

With climate change and pollution a leading environmental concern for U.S. customers, sustainable protective packaging solutions are a marketing differentiator ripe with opportunities in today’s more demanding product landscape.

Marketers of late continue to acknowledge that today’s more sophisticated customers continue to demand three things from the businesses and vendors they choose to do business with.

  1. Custom branding and design
  2. Items packaged and delivered in perfect condition
  3. Environmentally conscious packaging

Today, it’s never been easier to set up an E-commerce business compliments of platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify. With an overabundance of information online providing actionable advice on starting a business, it’s never been easier to get a business off the ground.

But the marketplace is crowded with competitors all looking for their piece of the pie, and more accurately, customers. So sustainable protective packaging not only helps the environment, but it’s also an excellent selling point for your brand. 

Aflac recently conducted a report in which 77% of customers agreed that they are more willing to purchase from an organization with a firm CSR pledge (Corporate Social Responsibility). Businesses concurred with 9 in 10 leaders saying customers would hold them accountable for their overall environmental impact.

When businesses offer similar products to customers, the choice often comes down to price. But in today’s competitive marketplace, CSR often influences a customer’s buying decisions. As a result, sustainable protective packaging solutions could be the marketing differentiator your business needs for continued growth well into the future.



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