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An impassioned movement towards more sustainable options in the market has been gaining momentum over the last decade, and The HC Companies is committed to playing a vital role in this ongoing initiative. Consumers are now expecting more sustainable alternatives for the everyday items they use at home, on the go or recreationally. A recent Nielsen.com report revealed that nearly half (48%) of U.S. consumers say they would definitely (or probably) change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment. The problem? Making sure your business is offering a sustainable, affordable, readily available option.

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At HC, we’re committed to using our patented, molded pulp slurries to create a host of solutions for the sustainably minded consumer, which can be easily broken-down into the soil with no adverse environmental impacts. No more worrying about styrofoam or plastics, which ultimately take centuries to decompose in landfills – if ever. Sustainable fiber solutions are the safe, non-toxic alternative, allowing consumers to truly feel good about what they’re contributing – or not contributing – to our global environment.

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According to a recent New Climate Economy report, the most authoritative research to date, humanity could save $26 trillion by 2030 through a global shift to sustainable development.

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You are about to be re-directed to our sister website, hc-companies.com, home to our complete line of horticultural containers for greenhouse and nursery growers. Once there, you will be able to easily browse our full line of sustainable, fiber growing containers, request samples and download catalogs.

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