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Molded Pulp Packaging is no Longer Just for Egg Cartons

Posted on: May 6th, 2020

Molded Pulp Packaging

Many of us are very familiar with fiber molded pulp packaging, though we probably pay little attention to it. Every time you remove an egg from its carton (baring it’s not packaged in styrofoam) you’re witnessing molded pulp in action.

But molded pulp is no longer just a resource for egg cartons and fruit containers you find at natural grocery stores.

Because of its sustainable qualities, and improvements in manufacturing which make it economical and more customizable, companies around the globe are beginning to incorporate molded pulp into their protective packaging designs from the start.

Wine distributors, candle companies, small electronic manufacturers, and more are all realizing that not only is molded pulp packaging comprised of recycled materials, but it can be safely recycled again with local municipalities, reducing landfill waste. All while providing maximum protection during shipping.

According to Renee Wever and Diana Twede in their paper, The history of molded fiber packaging: a 20th century pulp story, the very first US Patent filed for a fiber pulp mold was created back in 1903 and became a popular packaging mechanism.

From Wever and Twede’s paper: “Until approximately 25 years ago, molded fiber packaging was a niche product used mainly for packing eggs. However, in the last two decades, scientific understanding of the material properties and technology development improved the possibilities of application. Combined with increased demand, due to a call for environmentally sound packaging materials, molded fiber has finally found a wider field of application.”

With consumers becoming more demanding and more educated, molded pulp packaging is now understood to be an efficient alternative to styrofoam as a sustainable and responsible material choice. As more and more companies realize the protective benefits of molded pulp, as well as the environmental, you’ll be seeing its sustainable composition used in more products than just egg cartons.

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