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Sustainable Growing Containers

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In a recent Nielsen Company survey, 88% of global consumers said it was extremely important or very important for companies to roll-out initiatives to improve the environment.

Here at HC, we’re proud to offer a full line of fiber sustainable growing solutions designed with your unique growing needs in mind. Like our fiber growing containers, which are ideal for seedlings, vegetable plants, herbs and flowering annuals as the entire container can be easily and quickly planted into the soil.

HC’s fiber growing containers are produced using recycled newspaper in our closed-loop manufacturing facility in Canada to eliminate water waste. They breathe like clay pots, provide the perfect environment for root development and insulation, are automation friendly, contaminant free, durable and in some cases, certified for organic farming.

With over 100 fiber growing containers to choose from – or you can easily create your own – HC’s your first-choice provider for sustainable horticultural containers – continuing to lead the way with innovative offerings to satisfy environmentally conscious consumers.

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