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Eco Friendly Packaging Materials Provide Benefits Throughout Your Business

Posted on: July 17th, 2020


Companies across the globe are beginning to investigate how eco-friendly packaging materials could benefit their current business model. Still, others shy away from the concept of eco-friendly packaging based on a lack of education and assumptions which are oftentimes misunderstood in the industry.

As a manufacturer of molded pulp products for over 30 years, with a dedicated facility in Canada, HC is prepared to provide some clarification when it relates to eco-friendly packaging materials and why it’s beneficial to your business.

It’s a biodegradable solution
Many might consider this the most important reason for companies to switch to more eco-friendly packaging materials. With less than 9% of the world’s plastics ever produced being recycled, businesses can no longer be a negative contributor to the problem. By implementing eco-friendly packaging materials into your business, you’re reducing your carbon footprint, while preventing more plastics from making their way into landfills and oceans, rather than recycling bins.

It improves your brand image
American businessman Howard Schultz once said, “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and educated, many times armed with an arsenal of information in the palm of their hands.

Adopting more eco-friendly packaging materials has far-reaching implications as it helps to ensure that your brand reflects a conscientious mindset towards sustainability. Today’s consumers appreciate the environmental efforts companies are making, and they’ll say so with purchasing power and word-of-mouth marketing through online reviews and social channels.

It’s cost-effective
Molded fiber products (like eco-friendly packaging) are created using recycled materials (newspaper/cardboard). Therefore, the financial savings begin from the onset. Molds, while often custom, are inexpensive to construct and require no extra assembly when called into action. Additionally, there is no reliance on the gasoline industry, which is often where prices fluctuate unpredictably. Finally, as the size and construction is reduced, when compared to other protective packaging solutions, shipping costs will go down as well.

Some additional pros to consider when it comes to eco-friendly packaging:

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