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Understanding Fiber Growing Containers

For growers who are accustomed to growing in plastic containers, the thought of using a fiber container is an uncomfortable change from the norm. Understanding how fiber containers can be used in real-world growing, while providing results, is critical in determining if EcoGrow is a viable solution at your operation.

Fiber Growing Container Trials Whitepaper

Whitepaper Description

There are many challenges the organic grower faces on any given day, many stressors which the traditional grower doesn’t often wrestle with when cultivating their crops. While diseases, soil conditions, weeds, watering and governmental regulations are commonalities for all growers across North America, in order for crops to be certified organic, growers must adhere to strict guidelines, daunting paperwork and mandated compliance throughout the growing process. Fiber growing containers provide a sustainable, biodegradable, certified solution for organic growers.

In this whitepaper, The HC Companies will highlight how our EcoGrow® Organic Growing Containers can be successfully implemented in real-world growing conditions by providing results from actual trials done by actual growers in the horticultural industry. We’ll discuss growing environments, irrigation, retail sales, performance and degradation so you can determine if fiber growing containers are the right solution for your operation.

The trials were lead by HC’s Bryce Anderson, a tenured Territory Sales Manager and fiber specialist for almost a decade. He’s ready to guide you into the world of fiber growing containers, while answering all of your questions. You’ll have the opportunity to request a FREE Sample Kit of EcoGrow® products at the end of the whitepaper.


You are about to be re-directed to our sister website, hc-companies.com, home to our complete line of horticultural containers for greenhouse and nursery growers. Once there, you will be able to easily browse our full line of sustainable, fiber growing containers, request samples and download catalogs.

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